About Us and our Policy

I am the Kuru:Userboards and we share our intrests with others and hang out!
Our board covers topics over Japanese and Electronic areas.
Love Anime, Manga, General and JMusic, Desiging Games, Graphics Designing and more.

However, if you don't find any intrest in these categorys, that's too bad.
We talk and enjoy amoung ourselfs in the intrest and hobbies that we love.
Though, out members enjoy sharing their material with others.

We are not here to share files illigaly, this would go against our Terms of Service.
by rules when uploading and posting download links, they agree they own that material legally and is purposly
for shareing their intrests, etc. Nothing more.

So this concludes about us and our policy,
If you have any questions and/or would like to
talk with an Administrator of this board, please contact Kurusutitchi in the forum or email 8tsuki@inbox.com.


Lol, I think this is crappy...have to make it more neat later on.